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Non-Consensual Content Policy

Consent, as a rule and value, is paramount to the security of our users and integrity of our platform.

We require all models to affirm they have obtained and maintain valid consent and proper release documentation for all features in all content uploaded to the platform. In addition, content must adhere to our core values, community guidelines, as well as our Terms of Service.

Content that we identify as a violation of our Non-Consensual Content Policy will be removed.

What is considered a violation of our non-consensual content policy:

The recording or distribution of intimate images (that is, photos and videos that are generally understood to depict explicit sexual activity or nudity or partial nudity) without someone’s consent is a violation of that person’s privacy and is a severe violation of our Terms of Service, and is strictly prohibited. Content featuring or promoting non-consensual acts, real or simulated, is also prohibited.